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Appetite Suppressants

MyWeightLossMD, offers physician supervised 90 day weightloss programs. We only use FDA approved weightloss appetite suppressants that can only be prescribed by a weight loss doctor/weight loss physician. With our physician supervised rapid weightloss programs along with healthy eating habits and exercise you will be on your way to your new beginning.

Average weightloss is 7 to 17 lbs a month.

As you begin to lose weight, not only will you feel better about your appearance, you will be on the road to better health! Start on your own road to better health with a FDA approved appetite suppressant program.

Initial visit includes:

  • Weight Loss Evaluation
  • Bodymass Composition Analysis
  • EGK
  • A1C Screening
  • Review of Medical/Family History
  • Nutritional/Dietary Counseling
  • 1 B12-Injection

Learn About Our HCG Rapid Weight Loss Program

Those who are pregnant, breast feeding, have Glaucoma an Over Active Thyroid, Uncontrolled and severe high blood pressure, Hypertension or Heart Disease may not be healthy enough to be on some appetite suppressants. Prescription strength appetite suppressants are stimulants and in combination with any of the ailments listed above may result in serious side effects.


Phendimetrazine is a weight-loss stimulate that caters to patients who have tried conventional workout regiments, diets, fads, and have found them to be ineffective.  Phendimetrazine suppresses the appetite of its user, boosts their metabolism this means the user consumes less calories per day and is eating less as well. Some of the benefits of Phendimetrazine is the ability to lose 7lbs per week, have a faster metabolism rate, increase in energy, and craving control.

Are appetite suppressants safe to use?

Yes! You will be monitored by a weightloss physician at one of our weightloss clinics the entire time you are utilizing our prescription strength appetite suppressant. As with all medications, there are risk factors involved. Any risk factors will be discussed with you at your initial visit.

Types of FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants

  • Phendimetrazine
  • Phentermine (Apidex)
  • Belvic
  • Qsymia

Phentermine (Apidex)

Phentermine is an FDA approved appetite suppressant that does two critical things for weight loss.  First and most importantly it increases your metabolism so you burn more calories during regular day to day activities. Second phentermine being an appetite suppressant will naturally elevate that constant feeling of hunger, all while increasing your energy at the same time.


Belvic is an FDA approved appetite suppressant for people that are over weight or obese and have one or more weight related health problems. When taken Belvic activates brain receptors that seek out only serotonin that directly affects appetite.  Which triggers produces a feeling of satisfaction making the patient full and satisfied.


Qsymia is an FDA approved appetite suppressant that is utilized for patient that have weight related medical conditions such as high blood pressure, type II diabetes or high cholesterol.

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